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Beware: ransomware Scarab launched more than 12 million e-mail

Necurs, which is the biggest robots in the world, is launching a new version of ransomware Scarab via e-mail. So far more than 12.5 million accounts have already been achieved — the number may increase. According to F-Secure , the Necrus was already responsible for the greatest campaigns the malware sent in spam in the world.

Ransom Scarab is new, being determined for the first time in June of this year. He follows in a manner similar to the WannaCry, for example, to encrypt the files. However, cyber criminals do not require the $ 300 in bitcoins to release your computer. On the contrary, the Scarab just says the following when it affects the device: “the price depends on how fast you want to resolve the situation”.

To attract victims, Necurs send the Scarab to make references to the show game of Thrones, using words like “Jon snow” and “Samuel” in the e-mail. Most of the shots were targeting the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany; however, Necrus up to other countries, so it is always good to be smart when clicking on links from strangers — especially in the download file via email.


“By employing the services of botnets large as Necurs, the attackers of ransomwares smaller, as the actors behind the Scarab, you can run an extensive campaign with a global reach. The question remains whether this is a temporary campaign, or if we will see the Scarab to increase in the lead through campaigns led by Necurs,” said F-Secure.