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Facebook is working hard to prevent suicide

Since the tool “live” has been implemented in the Facebook social network may have problems with users to implement various types of negative actions, or criminal, where the consumption of drugs, through suicide to murder. The social network is not a land without Law on Facebook has been creating tools for the prevention and relief cases are more sensitive, such as suicide.

“Facebook is a place where friends and family already connected, so we are able to connect the person in a state of emotional difficulty with others who can offer support. It is part of our continuing efforts to help build a safe community within or outside of Facebook”, has commented on the social network.

For this, the platform features the following

  • The use of technology to detect signs of a job or a live broadcast that may be thinking about suicide, to help answer the allegations of the contents of the suicide or self-mutilation more quickly
  • Improve how to determine the best options to get help
  • Devote more reviewers we have a team of experts to study the complaints of the content of suicide or self-mutilation

On Facebook also works with the technique of pattern recognition. This happens in the following way according to the platform

  • We started using artificial intelligence outside the United States to help identify cases in which a person may be the expression of thoughts that lead to suicide, including on Facebook Live
  • This approach uses pattern recognition technology to help identify publications, Live streaming is possible to express suicidal thoughts. We continue to work on this technology to increase accuracy and avoid false positives
  • We use signs such as the text used in posts and comments (for example, comments such as, “are you okay?” Or “can I help you?” Could be signs that the person suffering from emotional difficulty). In some occasions, technology has identified videos that were reported by our community

On Facebook also commented on the team of reviewers and first responders

  • We have thousands of reviewers all over the world that the analysis of complaints of content on Facebook. The team includes a dedicated group of experts who have special training in suicide and self-harm
  • We also use artificial intelligence to determine the priorities of the transfers provided by our team, whether publications, videos or live broadcast. This ensures a more rapid response in cases involving people at risk, when necessary, we can alert you more quickly to emergency services
  • Context is critical for our teams to review the complaints, we have enhanced tools to assist people as soon as possible. Our reviewers, for example, to quickly identify segments within the video motivated an increase in comments and feedback and complaints from people. This helps reviewers quickly understand if someone may be in danger and, therefore, can lead to help
  • We also use the automation capabilities of our staff to contact emergency services quickly

“Facebook is working on tools for suicide prevention for more than 10 years. Our approach has been developed in collaboration with health care organizations psychiatric as Save.org National suicide prevention lifeline in the forefront of suicide prevention, with a contribution from people who have personal experiences in understanding or even attempt suicide. These tools are also available globally with the help of more than 80 local partners – in any language that people use Facebook. In Brazil, in addition to the CVV, we have partnered with SaferNet”.

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