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The founder of Tumblr, David Karp, you know, remove the platform perfectly

After 11 years on top of Tumblrthe founder of the platform and David Karp, today (27) in an e-mail to company employees that abandoando the social network that have already seen the most promising internet. Tumblr is one of the leading companies in the combination of features of modern social networks to the possibilities of a more traditional blog platforms.

On account of this, in May of 2013, Tumblr was purchased by Yahoo! For an incredible $ 1 billion. Since then, the platform suffers to find a way to monetize its massive user base and your content published. Three years after the sale, we know your one of the most important products that was purchased by Verizon in the acquisition of Yahoo! In the recent times.

This decision was taken after months of thinking about my personal ambitions

Karp explains that comes from looking dumb on Tumblr for several months and that will leave Jeff D’onofrio in the lead of the platform. “I ask you to understand that my decision was after months of reflection on the personal ambitions, and this has no effect on my belief in the future of Tumblr and the impact that can have. The internet is at a crossroads in this group can have the role of coach. You are on the cutting edge, and I’m very excited to see where he was going,” explains Karp.

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