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Was Google thinking to launch a mobile phone made on YouTube?

A series of polls that have been raised recently by Google may indicate that the company is considering the establishment of a new line of devices. What they have especially, given that the market Premium is already occupied by the devices pixel? Tools made specially to enhance your experience on YouTube, seen before.

The strange discovery by the staff of the site Android authority. According to them, the company has sent the following question through service in the United Kingdom A survey of boards of Directors: “would you buy an Android phone specifically for YouTube?”

Stuffed news

Not limited to this research also makes mention of a device that holds the title of “YouTube Edition”. This also includes, as we talked about before, functions to enhance your experience on the service; an example of this is the “YouTwist”, which allows you to rotate the orientation of your device automatically and you see groups of videos that may be of interest to you.

You want more than that? Then what about the physical dedicated button on the side of the mobile phone access to YouTube or a piece of software called YouCapture, which as the name suggests, helps at the time of recording the video? Let’s not forget also the creator of contact to gain access to the mixer from the communities of YouTube, and no data bundle 10 GB extra per month that comes with the unit with a toast to the first 12 months.

Left higher expectations of the study up to the demonstration function allows live Lockscreen, which shows the live broadcast from the channels that follow directly from the lock screen. Image of choice (albeit not completely clear) can be seen below:

DEMO do Live Lockscreen

As to the hardware device, also, it is better not to expect anything too amazing. Specifications on what looks like it was a bit of variation, but pointed out that an intermediate device with a screen 6 inch 18:9 with resolution 2160×1080 pixels. We also had a battery of 3,700 mAh battery with fast charging, 4 GB of RAM, cameras wallpaper 12, 5 Mega pixel camera, front camera 8 MP and options of 32 and 64 GB of storage, among other interesting details.

The price for all this? From £ 269 to £ 299 – between R$ 1.150, 1.300, more or less, according to the storage level.

It is important to note finally that the failure in the Google search, public opinion does not mean that this idea will necessarily have to become a reality. Even so, we see that model make it impossible to get very curious to see what all this can lead.