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10 tips to improve the system and speed up Windows startup 10

It is common for computers to evaluate the performance drops soon after a certain period of use. Viruses may be guilty by the performance of the dwindling of the device, of course. But a slow system is not always due to the presence of malware.

Registry errors temporary files and useless files of programs that run in the background, for example, some of the people responsible for the incidents confused. In this article you will learn how to improve your workflow Windows. Select the programs that should start the next device scan your hard drive and Task Manager of the system of these quick tips.

Note: this tutorial is intended for experienced users in Windows 10. Most of the actions outlined below, however, also applies to previous versions of the operating system.

1 – to manage the consumption of RAM CPU

Programs and services “hungry” of RAM and CPU the bad guys when the topic regarding the unstable performance. If your computer is between 1 and 2 GB of RAM, it is very likely that applications such as antivirus programs and browsers accept on the purchase of a large part of the resources.

imagem13-02-2018-12-02-03Click by right button on the program that should be shut down and apply the procedures to “finish the job”.

Manage the implementation of programs and assessment of how “aggressive” easy apps. Press the keys “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to open “Task Manager”. Then check out the services appear at the top of the charts “CPU” and “memory”. Now, click the right button of the mouse on the programs that consume most of the RAM memory, choose the option “End Task”.

Attention: when you run this command, the specified application without notice of termination. Do not close, therefore the Word document is not saved, or the online form to be incomplete, for example.

2 – speed up system startup

The login process can be accelerated if some of the programs that start with system off. That makes use of Windows 8 and higher versions (8.1 and 10) You can manage this preference through the Task Manager.


Use the command “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” and select the tab “startup”. See a list of applications that are run during Windows startup, and disable programs that are used intermittently by clicking on the right button, or using the option “disable” located to the right of the window.

3 – Close programs running in the background

Closing apps running in the background can also improve the performance of your Windows. It is possible to Yes close the background programs through the Task Manager. But what about using three clicks of the mouse and turn off vital services to the system from the toolbar?


Select the arrow that appears next to the clock and see, then, applied to the side of the run. Click with the right button on one of the services and shut down applications that do not affect the actions of the Windows.

4. the reduction of animation to improve performance

Another native function of Windows allows optimization of the system without any type of complications. While the animation as the shading of the mouse smooth scrolling of list boxes fill the eyes of users, RAM and CPU end up being consumed voraciously from the visual effects.


Click by right button on the Start button, to the left of the toolbar and then choose “system”. Then go to the link “advanced system settings”. In the “Performance” tab, open “options” from the “settings”. Finally check the box “adjust for best performance” then press “OK”.

5 – clean the disc

More recenes versions of windows are able to do “automatic defragmentation” of the hard drives mechanical. Still, running the process of cleaning the mother that the system can come in handy under the hands of the users who use, for example, external hard drive or just copy the dozens of GBs of data from Old media to a new section of storage.



Convert the disk optimization is easy: open the File Explorer and click on “this computer”. Then click on the right button on the storage drive – “Local Disk (C:)”, in most cases. In the “properties” in the “General” tab and “tools”, “Disk Cleanup” and “improving” can be activated, respectively. Enable one of them and be patient because of the defragmentation and release space on the disk will consume a large part of the time.

6 – uninstall the useless software

The background processes or startup entries of programs that are used can still be abarrotando your CPU. Uninstalled, therefore, useless tools aprimores the performance of your device. Type “Control Panel” to search for Windows 10 , or open “uninstall or change a program” through tab “computer” from the “File Explorer”.


Click by right button on the applications that must be installed in the “programs and features” and select “Uninstall” option. Note: completion of some processes may require a system restart.

7 – restore Windows 10

Your system still knows the name even after the implementation of the tips mentioned above? See this article and find out how to restore your &url=https%3a%2f%2fwww.Microsoft.com%2fpt-br%2fstore%2fb%2fwindows’ target=’_blank’ title=’Windows 10′>Windows 10. Corrupted files of updates or errors during the process of installing a new operating system may create problems to users (learn more). In any case, to restore your computer or return to the previous version ( 7 or 8) of the device as possible.


8 – check the status of components

That “firepower” of your computer is used during boot? To check the status of the processor and the memory, type “msconfig“without the quotes in the search then press “Enter”. Open the tab “startup” and then click on “Advanced Options”.


See, then the values displayed by the boxes “number of processors” and “Maximum Memory”Note: If both options are specified, which means that the device will already be using classes most of all of the ingredients. If other signs are displayed, you can either leave the fields unselected and set the highest possible values for each one of the accessories to make them, in addition to work at full power during boot.

Click “Apply” then “OK” the settings are saved, and then restart the computer to apply the changes. The new settings do not speed up the startup of your Windows? Return to the factory default by repeating the procedure above and make sure to uncheck box “number of processors” and “Maximum Memory”.

9 – disable browser extensions

Browsers are also responsible for high consumption courses the processes of memory (RAMClick here to see alternatives to Chrome or Firefox). Extensions of Run online this way, you can leave your device slow, not only during the consultation sites, but also in the time that applications are currently being used.

imagem13-02-2018-12-02-21Each browser has its specific settings, but the process of disabling extensions is similar to most browsers.

Disable extensions that work in tandem from your browser easy. Find the settings options of your browser and click on the “extensions” or “add-Ons”. Then after that, to disable additional services installed.

10 – clean your device and protect against viruses

Third party software is able to scan records and search for errors and delete the virus can also be used by those who want to “vaccinate” your machine. See the links below for a full list of programmes for the implementation of system security against the infection of malicious adware and spyware.

Which of the viruses and programs to clean the registry that you use in your computer? Comment on the forum perfectly

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