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Windows 10: how to access advanced options of boot and restore the system

In Windows 10 has become the more popular systems to Chrome OS and Linux soon after its release (Read more here). As to features such as search engine optimization , integration with mobile phones and tablets have conquered the cooperation of users all over the world.

The growing popularity of programs and good performance does not mean that it is perfect: Windows 10 Yes, you can choke on it, or application stops working properly. But to solve the problems related to the initial settings of the operating system is an easy procedure that requires only a few steps.


Startup mode developed allows to install Windows 10 via a removable drive or a DVD disc. In addition, the startup Preferences the program can be adjusted. You want to restore Windows from an image file? Then restart your computer from this.

Boot options in Windows 10

Open the “Start” menu, or press the key “Windows”. Then open the app “settings” (or “settings”). Click on the “update security” in the opened tab, navigate to the “recovery”.



There are two types of recovery that can be tested. In the “restore the computer”, the Windows 10 performance can be optimized in function of re-installing the automated system. Under the heading “advanced startup”, the management preferences of primer can do.

Note: All Forms of configuration require a restart of the system.

Advanced Boot

The option “advanced startup” provides access to a series of actions. It is possible, for example, all of the System Restore via physical media how to start a command prompt implementation advanced processes.

Advanced startup during boot

To access the “Advanced Boot Options” can be done during system boot-up function must be enabled.


As recommended by Leonardo Franco Kaiss one of our readers, simply enter the command “bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy” without the quotes in the search, click on the proposal of Windows 10 and run the action as administrator. And then press “F8” during the boot of Windows 10 and get started advanced modes via the new feature as possible.

Choose Next!

Information fast and completely functional as it was given by Felipe Lima Ismail Zaccah S. Vieira: access through the Start menu, the option “on/off”, press and hold the “Shift” key pressed and then click Restart. Ready! To access the Advanced Boot Options can be done in the blink of an eye.

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