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Windows 7: How to prevent access to files and folders

After that privacy is very important after all, it is not uncommon to need to step away from the computer and leave it free for anyone to feel comfortable to do anything about it. In this tutorial Baixaki, you will see how it is a hard thing to protect your folders in Windows 7 by using all of the native system resources like a third party program. Check it out.

Manage permissions on folders through Windows itself

Windows 7 allows the administrator to create and manage multiple accounts so that different people using the same computer. Even more important is that it can lock folders and deny access and modify the contents of important directories.

For the access permissions to the folder in Windows 7, Right-click on it, in the context menu that is revealed on “properties”.


In the window that opens, click the “Security” tab then the “Edit” button, where it says “to change permissions, click Edit”.


A new window will open. In the “group or user names”, select the account you want to manage. Then under “permissions”, right below that, notice what you can allow or deny for each account on the Windows computer: full control modify read and execute, List Folder Contents, read, write, and special permissions.

You can simply check the box of allow or deny next to the relevant permission. In case you have any questions, you can click on the link “learn more about permissions access control” to open the Windows Help is already on the page related to this issue.


Click “OK”. A dialog box to confirm the operation, you must click “Yes”. Click “OK” again to exit the folder properties. From now on, the selected account may not be able to perform actions must be identified.

Use the lock-Board is to put passwords on your folders

In addition to using the original feature from Windows 7 to control access permissions to your folders, you can use third party applications to put passwords. An example of this is lock-a-folder , which is easy to be installed, and very light.

When you use the lock-board for the first time, you will be prompted to create a master password. You just need to enter it to open the main window for the application.


Then click on “lock folder”, choose the domain that must be protected with a password that has been newly created. To undo the protection, simply select from the list, and then click “Open selected folders”. Already change the master password, use the function “change master password”.

Lock a Folder.


This was a video Baixaki with the tips of Windows 7. We hope to have helped you and until the next.

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