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Its PHP complete website from scratch to backup

PHP session online

PHP is a Web programming language most used on the internet, according to surveys about 80{2b557b579494644d858052f42682186d09817d47c51d50c56f66248a6ab2a0c2} of the sites in the use of language in some stage of a small site large portals such as Facebook and Wikipedia.

Because this is a great look for professionals that truly know from the depths of PHP, both for developers hired by companies, and how to work as a freelancer. So the demand for well functioning of PHP is necessary for those who are taking the first steps in the profession or even people who want to enhance their knowledge.

There are many options, both studying through books and newsletters, courses in large schools, but now has been greater use of online courses by professionals. This type of course brings many benefits especially to remove the difficulty and cost of Transport and optimize your study time of the students, in addition to the usually much lower cost than classroom courses.

Among the various online courses available on the internet, we refer to the “cycle of PHP from zero to professional”. This is without a doubt that the content is more complete, the best in terms of cost and range, in addition to many other advantages. If this is what you are looking for, check more details in the link below, or continue on this page:



Course details

Curso Online de PHPAs the name says, this training aimed at professional that doesn’t have any knowledge in programming PHP, to those who know the basics but need to access advanced level of knowledge. Addresses from the core to the level of a more professional language.

All content is displayed in a manner very educational and scientific , right on the hands. During the PHP the student will create a variety of systems including the re-establishment of systems famous as Facebook for example.

The course is divided into 12 modules containing more than 230 practice shots, is that new content always. Check under the modules of the course (more details in this link):

  • Unit #1 – Introduction: preliminary concepts on what is a dynamic page like PHP works important terms in programming, the main publishers of the city, etc.;
  • Module #2 – Setting up a server: step-by-step how to install a Web server with PHP support on your device;
  • Unit #3 – programmable logic: basic concepts involved in programming logic, how to build an algorithm, the main types of job etc.;
  • Module #4 – basic PHP: introduction to PHP language, and all these basic steps, like the definition of a variable, use conditioners, variable, changeable, among other things;
  • Unit #5 – PHP available: the concepts and methodology more softisticadas PHP including loops connected with the database, investment management, etc. ; and
  • Unit #6 – PHP Advanced: the unit focus on the development of PHP, object oriented, introduction to concepts and application;
  • Unit #7 – PHP Super advanced: concepts of Software Engineering advanced application of PHP, including MVC, HMVC, useful, caching, versioning, etc. ; and
  • Unit #8 – practical applications: the knowledge gained in previous modules will be applied to rebuild various types of the well-known zero, such as Facebook, Twitter, UOL, ContaAzul, Web sites, micro-frameworks, CMS, etc. ; and
  • Unit #9 – WebServices: introduction to the concept and implementation of Webservices;
  • Unit #10 – frameworks: covers the most important frameworks in the market, a set of libraries and tools that can accelerate the development of complex systems sites on the internet,
  • Unit #11 – sales techniques: the best selling techniques used by programmers to sell products and services;
  • Unit #12 – productivity: you’ll learn how to organize your time to the fullest through various techniques such as Pomodoro, and others.

The student also has the full right to support any questions about any point that you are having difficulties or don’t compreendou.


In addition to PHP session, bonus

In addition to the content on the PHP described above, the student will also receive the free bonuses (for a limited time):

  • Course HTML5 + CSS3: in this case a bonus, you will learn the most important techniques of the most famous New HTML 5 and assistant professional, CSS 3, to create the most beautiful pages. This of course will be sold separately for $ 497 , but temporarily free;
  • Its a complete JavaScript: in this course the bonus learn how to do the manipulation of elements with the more famous techniques. In the JavaScript used in the creation of all complex systems. This of course will be sold separately for $ 697 , but is temporarily included in the package for free;
  • Tutorials live question and answer: every month is Class live among all enrolled students, and to take all the common questions. These classes are also available for access to the recording.
  • Unlimited access to group special: all the students are part of a special group , which was the exchange of experiences, questions, ideas, solutions, tips and even job vacancies.



Bonieky LacerdaThis, of course, PHP has been to create and maintain a professional Bonieky Lacerda. Web Developer senior for more than 10 years, the school has already worked with more than 150 companies around the world, already created hundreds of websites and systems for small, medium and large.

It is recognized for excellent teaching and commitment to students are always available to help in case of questions.


Certificate students

With certainty we would not recommend this training lol positive comments from students, see below for some examples.

Depoimentos Curso PHP



Want to know a little bit more? See the video below or visit the official page of the PHP session from scratch by professional:

Are you interested in? We have more good news, you can >have free access to the first 4 units of the state , the 46 free tutorials for you to on the platform of the coach and the way already know the basics of PHP. To do this go to the link below.