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Web design course online – learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Cycle design online sites

For those who want to become a Web Designer really qualified, it is essential that a good dose of effort and dedication in studies. The job market in this field is increasingly more competitive and only the professionals are able to offer a product with a lot of quality will be successful.

On the face of the option arises to conduct a course in web design online. As stated in this article , the online courses are an alternative cost-effective, mainly due to the possibility of the performance of the applications when and where you want at a lower price than person sessions, among other benefits.

To help readers in this ocean of online training which can be found on the internet, a portal web designer always recommends the best courses from each area, on the basis of content, quality of schools and teachers, especially in the evaluations from the students themselves.

Professional who wants to take the first steps in the career of Web Designer, in the case referred to is the entire cycle of a Web Developer , developed by HCode and their professors. This training is available through Udemy, the largest platform of online courses in the world, with more than 12 million students, 40 thousand courses available.


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Aulas OnlineCoaches HCODE have extensive experience with web development and work for more than 12 years with training in the field of web design, in the largest companies in Brazil, which has already trained more than 6 thousand students, many of them starting off in his career as a webmaster.

Even is its on the Internet through the video recorder, it is important to mention that the training team is always available to answer students ‘ questions.


The characteristics of this course and web design

The training primarily focused on development using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, however it also includes a basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL.

After the training the student will be able to create professional websites, compared to the best sites on the web that work on all devices whether desktop or mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Very interesting point is that during the session, such as the practical activity of the student to build complete website design new Orlando city, from the layout, developing responsive and even build a virtual store.

In more than 12 hours of this course of web design, will be discussed in the following topics:

  • Learn in the whole course of the language of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript with most orders;
  • Create a full site and responsive that fits on your tablet and your smartphone and a bigger screen.
  • Working with sound, pictures, video, and discover good practices;
  • Learn how to create shopping cart complete with a shipping account on the default shop using PHP and MySQL.

See below for a video of course:

I want to know course


Reviews and comments from the students

On Udemy has a system of evaluation and observations the student can evaluate a session. This evening the Islamic Conquest in Portugal, is one of the most high scores of the house, with note 4.5 (5) more than 10, 000 students!

In the student evaluations we can see that the main features are relevant to your content really relevant and great teaching coaches that gives the lesson becomes boring.

See below some comments from students:

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Comentário Aluno

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An important point is that in this case the design of the sites there is a 30 day guarantee for the student. That is, if a student doesn’t like the case, is the lack of desired content, not like the dynamic of the groups, or whatever, the student can request Udemy the complete refund of what was paid.