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Web programming – meet the main languages

Languages web programming

Languages web programming specially used to develop the presentation layers and business logic of the Web sites, portals and Web applications in general. To understand this link a little of the concept shots.

On the presentation layer, it is necessary to be a Web Designer to know mainly HTML, CSS and at least basic JavaScript. Programming languages from home options available in the market are many and very difficult to control for all languages, so it is important at least in principle, to focus on some of them like PHP, ASP or .NET, although there are many others.

There are different courses in different languages and tools that are used in the development of Web sites, it is worth checking out.

The market of web programming

Technology market for web developers is always busy. The number of vacancies is high and there is always a lot of open trades at any gate functions the large companies and the specialized agencies.

But the competition is too great, companies are looking for qualified candidates already therefore it is necessary that the professional if you prepare a lot in order to get a good job.


The main languages

Now let’s talk a little bit about some languages.


Programação Web HTMLIn fact, HTML is not a programming language is a language focus. Well, in a nutshell, the markup language is a set of rules and laws that determine how the elements of the page that is displayed.

Knowledge of HTML Basic for any web designer. Although there are many tools that do almost all the work the structure of the pages, it is important that the professional understand how this happens in the code level so that you can make improvements and corrections when necessary.



Linguagem CSSCSS is used in conjunction with HTML. ?The language used in the definition of methodsto determine the layout of HTML documents. While HTML is used to structure content, CSS is used to format structured content.



Programação JavaScriptJavaScript is the language used for scripting that is run in the browser of the website user or as they say, on the client side. It is a dynamic language object that is created using syntax similar to the C language, although containing Java in its name.

A main function to perform some of the operations of the more dynamic pages, which makes its use more fun. In JavaScript the web pages you have the possibility of programming the control and processing of data sent and received, the interaction with the tag display the contents of the version and HTML with styling done with the use of CSS.


In this link we have mentioned an excellent course for those who want to learn more about HTML, CSS and Javascript.



Linguagem de Programação PHPPHP is a programming language that the code is usually rooted in their own HTML. In the case of PHP, The code is executed server-side and is sent to the client only the resulting pure HTML. With this it is possible to interact with the database and other application code is not exposed.

PHP is a programming language that the web used to implement the functions of the more dynamic and complex within websites and Web applications.

If you want to learn more about PHP, visit this introductory course is free, it’s worth it.


Other languages

As I already said, there are many languages in the market. Mentioned above are without a doubt the most popular and most studied for those who want to join in the field of web programming.

Below we have listed some of the other languages that are also very, very important:

  • .Net
  • ASP
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Beth
  • Pearl