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Web programming – what is CSS

Web programming – what is CSS

Although CSS (cascading style sheets or cascading style sheet), as well as HTML is not a programming language, a good professional web designer should thoroughly understand what is CSS and how and when it is used in the preparation of web pages. We’ll then mini tutorial CSS.


What is CSS and why is she there?

HTML5 + CSS3CSS is a stylesheet language that is used to determine how documents written in markup languages (HTML or XML) should be provided in terms of coordination and design. In an ideal scenario, while HTML is used to structure content, CSS is used in formatting them. This way there is a huge integration between HTML and CSS.

In the beginning of the internet, only the HTML used in the preparation of web pages, with the time and the need for more alternative formatting of these pages were created new tags and style attributes in the HTML so that it can meet those needs in the planning by meeting all job structure and. However, this began to create a problem for web designers because there was no way to the standards applied to all pages, any change may apply in each and every one of them, tornano developing very complex, especially in the big gates.

Diferenças HTML e CSSTo resolve these difficulties was to create the CSSthat came to be used specifically to determine the Document Format and presentation characteristics such as colors, fonts, alignment, etc. CSS also brought about the possibility of the participation of the figure, where the same definition of planning can be applied to multiple pages, increase flexibility and reduce repetition of code. HTML return to the main function is to organize the content.


The main benefits of CSS

Then we can list the following main advantages of the application of the CSS:

  • The possibility to control the layout of many documents from one CSS file
  • The application of different designs according to the user device, enable the responsive layout
  • The possibility of maintaining the same coordination in different browsers
  • The application of more sophisticated techniques of development
  • Less bandwidth consumption and improve performance due to re-use the same code formatting on several pages


As CSS is integrated with HTML?

There are different ways to develop coordination on the CSS inside the HTML, let’s some some simple examples:

1. The style attribute

In this case is to use the style attribute within the body tag of the HTML. For example:



This is a page with a blue background


2. Brand style

Here is the use of tag CSS style definition for formatting is not an attribute within the body tag.

Example CSS

This is an example of a page with formatting


3. External link to the CSS file

This is one of the most commonly used options because it allows formatting changes once that affect several pages at the same time. In this model, the HTML document includes a link to another CSS file where it doesn’t matter the style settings.


What is CSS

This is an example of the HTML document


body {
Background-color: #00BFFF;


What is CSS3?

The CCS3 is simply the most current version of the CSS, development. Among other developments, it includes new elements to build the animations, both in 2 and 3 Dimensions. It also includes new mechanisms for more control over the style that shows the page properties.


Full cycle

If you want information about the full cycle of web development, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript to access this page.