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What is the best PHP editor? – Portal web designer

What is the best PHP editor?

IDEs (integrated development environment) and publishers of the city are indispensable tools for any programmer, including of course the web developers which is the axis of the entrance web designer. In this article we will help you choose the best PHP editor.

These tools help in simplifying a lot of the work of the developer on the internet, disponibizando very useful features:

  • Apply colors according to the syntax of the law, making it much easier to preview the city.
  • The function code of the Processor, recomandando functions and resources auto code completion
  • Assistants of the supported languages, with the instruction manual on Options sentences
  • Help in correcting the code, indicating errors in syntax, for example
  • Version control
  • And many other functions

It is important to realize that each engine has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, some more simple and light, others more complex and heavy, not all the implementation of all the tasks mentioned above. Thus, the selection of “Best” depends on a lot of what each one symbolizes of the peculiarities of their activities.

I will list below some of the best engine options PHP, but most of them also supports many other languages.


Eclipse PHP

Eclipse of the sun is one of the best development environments in the market, widely used by Java developers, but it also has support for several other languages, including PHP, by installing a specific plugin.

With Eclipse it is possible to correct your code, you have the option of self-completion, syntax coloring, and integration with systems version, FTP, among many other functions.


NetBeansLogo Netbeans

The Netbeans IDE goes in the same line of the Eclipse engine is complete and compatible with languages such as Java SE, Java EE, Java ME, C, C, and of course PHP. Lost most of the functionality of Eclipse.

Many point to warrant a negative point in this major development environments (Eclipse, Netbeans), as well as many of the jobs are also very heavy, which is not always convenient.

See the video below provides an overview of the region (in English), so you will have a better idea of what is the IDE.



Aptana is usually to the point of the second option for those who prefer IDEs competas such as Eclipse and Netbeans. Is a free application compatible with many languages including PHP. Among the features we can list the Engine Code wizard that will help you during the writing, syntax coloring auto-coordination.


Zend Studio

Logo PHP Zend StudioIf you don’t know, Zend is the company responsible for the latest version of PHP and all the solutions related to this language.

Zend studio has all the features of a real IDE, only focused on PHP. He has Intelligence capabilities in the debugging code, support for version control and code repositories, and much more.



And a bit of heavy IDEs, we have the Komodo, my personal choice as the best PHP editor. He is the editor faster codealso compatible with other languages for web programming such as HTML, JavaScript, Ruby and Python. A more simple interface, and Tool has features such as finished atuomática code to highlight variables support plaformas version control, among other things.


Notepadlogo notepad plus plus

Notepad is one of the editors more simple, but still used. In fact, the main task is just to apply the colors and spacing according to the syntax, which makes it easier to read the code, on the other hand was a little bit will help in the creation and debugging of code. If you prefer to do more things “on the nail”, or is learning, this is one of the best options.

Anyway, this is the choice the more well-known in the market, but not all. Here are some more IDEs/editors software used PHP, don’t hesitate to search for:

  • Geany
  • PHPStorm
  • PHP designer
  • Evil
  • Sublime text